4-Step Baths

Pampered Pup offers a high quality “Four-Step” Bath service for canine friends, by appointment – usually available same day. Four-Step baths are available Monday thru Friday. Four-step baths includes ears cleaned, nails trimmed and a bath with shampoo and conditioner.

Toy Breeds – $30.00
Small Dogs – $35.00
Medium Dogs – $40.00
Medium Dogs w/ Coat – $45.00      Large Dogs – $50.00
Long-coated & Giant Breeds – $55.00
Skunk and Flea Baths – add $15 to breed price

Four-steps may not be appropriate for long-coated dogs and is not available to dogs with any matting. A groomer will determine if this is the case and make recommendations.

To schedule an appointment:

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Pups, ask your owners to have your veterinarian email vaccination records to vx@pamperedpupllc.com