Add On Services

Elevate your pups day with any of these extras!

Attendant Play Time

This is a 1-on-1 session with an attendant that is just for fun! This could look like a variety of things based on your dogs needs. It may be playing ball or chase in a yard all to themselves or it may be extra belly rubs and snuggles for our older or more nervous pups. This would be great to help acclimate and make their stay with us more individualized. Older dogs may not have the energy to play as much but are always thankful for extra snuggles!

The cost for Attendant Play Time is $15.00 for 15 minutes or $25 for a half hour (does not include the cost of Daycare or Overnight Camp).

Mental Enrichment

Sometimes physical activity isn’t the only or even best way to get a tired dog! Working their brain is just as important! We offer a Mental Enrichment package that can be added on to any of your reservations with us (daycare, day boarding, or overnight). This is a 1-on-1 session with one of our attendants to exercise their brain. Upon booking this session we will give you a form to fill out to help us give them the most beneficial session. This will go over any commands they currently know or are working on or things you may want to see improvement on. We will also send home a summary of what we did during their 1-on-1 and what seemed to really tire them the best!

Mental enrichment add-ons include:

  • Treat puzzles
  • Nose work (find it games),
  • Walks on leash to smell within our fenced in property
  • Basic obedience

The cost for Mental Enrichment is $15.00 for 15 minutes or $25 for a half hour (does not include the cost of Daycare or Overnight Camp).


We have a freezer full of delicious kongs for your dogs enjoyment! They are stuffed with yummy treats and frozen to last longer. We can give these to your dog as either a lunch time treat or an after dinner treat when we give out “night-night” treats (these are given around 9pm and would keep them busy into the night).

The cost for a Kong is $5.00 per time given. We recommend no more than once daily during their stay so we do not upset their belly!

Extended Pickup

We offer extended pickup on Monday through Friday to allow you extra time to come pick your pup up. Our normal hours close at 6pm but extended pickup gives you until 8pm to pick them up! This is not something you need to prebook though we are always appreciative of the heads up if this service is going to be utilized!

The cost for Extended Pickup is $15. This will be added on automatically at 6pm to their stay. This does not include the cost of overnight/daycare. We will try to contact owners at 7:30pm if we have not heard from you and if the dog is still with us at 8pm they will be set up for overnight care ($45) and can be pickup up the next morning.


Make your pup feel crownworthy by pampering them! 

Nail Trim  Add on $10   Walk In $15

Nail Buff Add on $15   Walk In $20

Ear Clean Add on $5   Walk In $7

Four-Step Bath (nails, ears, shampoo, conditioner) Toy Breeds – $30.00 Small Dogs – $35.00 Medium Dogs – $40.00 Medium Dogs w/ Coat – $45.00 Large Dogs – $50.00 Long-coated & Giant Breeds – $55.00

Grooming appointments

Grooming appointments

Please see our grooming page and ask about availability for adding on to a reservation