Our facility offers a safe, fun environment with five 100-foot play yards, complete with wading pools in warm weather, assorted toys, shade huts and a variety of obstacles for climbing. The building is heated and air conditioned, with several indoor play areas for inclement weather. Staff closely monitors all potty/play sessions and is knowledgeable in canine behavior. 

We take pictures of their time with us and they can be found on snapchat at pamperedpupllc

Lunchtime is offered when their own food is provided though we also offer a kong add on (details on our “add on services” page).

A clean up and/or quick blow dry depending on the pup’s coat wraps up a fun interactive day!

Daycare hours are Monday through Friday 7:00am- 6:00pm and extended pickup 6:00pm-8:00pm (extended pickup details on our “add on services” page

Fees: Daycare is $29 per day

Trial Days: We require all dogs in our care to be established clients. To be an established client you must complete three trial days. A trial day can be scheduled M-F drop off 6:30am-11am. Trial days allow us to give the best quality of care by establishing a relationship with your pup. We get to know the dog and allow them to get to know us. We give them time to decompress, slowly introduce them to a dog or two, and then gradually move into a group setting. We then find the best fit for them as well as which friends they will have the most fun with. We will also complete a behavioral analysis for high signs of stress in a kennel setting. This may include excessive barking, drooling, panting, pacing, destructiveness, aggression and overall restlessness. Please note that on your dog’s first day, we do not do tours or walk-throughs. You may schedule those ahead of time if you would like.


  • All male dogs must be neutered by 9-months of age (end of eighth month). Intact females are allowed as long as they are not in heat. Any exceptions must be made through management.
  • Dog licenses and vaccinations must be current and verifiable
  • A new registration form will be required for each dog, and must be accompanied by vaccination records. This must be filled out prior to their first day of daycare!
  • All dogs must possess good social skills. Please note: daycare is not appropriate for all dogs. Our staff is trained to determine if daycare will be beneficial to your dog. 
  • All dogs MUST be dropped off and picked up during our posted working hours.


To ensure everyone’s good time, you must schedule your daycare. You can book your dog for daycare up to 60 days in advance. Reservation requests can be made through gingr or by selecting “book now” on our home page or by giving us a call! As our unique canine camp is in great demand, we ask that if you need to cancel a reservation, PLEASE contact us as soon as possible. There may be another camper on the waiting list that will appreciate the courtesy.